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Aidie - Home.

Welcome to my very special website with the rather posh Domain Name,  decided to spoil myself, this site will be developed over the fullness of time so please do keep looking back.  if you are looking for a Domain Name and the one you want is not available then perhaps we may well have one that suits here ...


Back to the important bit and Photography,   I have been involved in this dark Art now ever since I could walk,  and enjoyed every second of it.  The scope available to today's Photographer is huge with so many techniques rolling off the drawing board and if you are like me and have a flair for Engineering and Cabinet making the limits are boundless.

A lot of my work is centred around innovative and creative techniques and the equipment is not always available in the shop,  however if you want to shoot DualBand then at least you can find some filters ... eventually,  the optics manufacturers are few and far between but you can usually get yourself sorted sooner or later.  Cameras with a full spectrum conversion can be had from Ehab Eeassa on eBay Link here.  Well recommended and the quality of his work is excellent.

Not all the work I undertake is Digital as Film has an important role to play and a lot of distinct advantages.  I have a Bronica ERTSi with a Panoramic back that takes 35mm and produces superb film strip when using reversal.  Not forgetting NIKON and the F5 stable with 3 cameras,  one of which has never been used.  Top of my NIKON film camera list is the NIKON RS,  most people have never heard of it as it is a Dive Camera for underwater use,  but is also classed as fit for use in Hazardous and explosive areas,  that camera is being employed for Storm Photography together with some extra equipment designed especially for it to ensure I get the maximum performance possible.  On top of all that don't forget the Illumintrans,  ultra quick copying at the click of a button. Sadly there is a price to pay for all this indulging in Development work,  you do not get out and about to various locations,  and this last year or so has been very bad for me with some Legal work I could have done without,  yep even the wary can be caught by scammers and I'm no exception,  taken for a ride for nearly two grand,  crap happens,  however I did come out of this with a lot better understanding of how to try and avoid this in future,  Find it on the News page of www.MajorOak.uk  Tracing where you money goes BEFORE you send it is easy,  if only I had known that I could have ditched the deal and saved myself a lot of wasted time and money.


Warning ... There is another Charity using our name on Government records, they are based in Edwinstowe 

Please note we are NOTHING to do with the Sherwood Forest Trust,  they have elected to use our name on Government documents in bad faith,  we as a truly Independent Charity have concerns about fraudulent behaviour from others attempting to pass themselves off as belonging to the FoSF.  Please be advised.

This site will grow over time as projects and new work are progressed,  so please keep looking.



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