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Aidie - Photography.

NIKON D810 Camera

Photography has been a life long pastime and always exciting and rewarding as mentioned previously I embrace both Film and Digital  One of the great joys I gain is travelling around and seeking out new Venues,  Scotland is a great favourite of mine and hand in glove with that goes Wild Camping,  even onto the Outer Hebrides the Last wilderness Paradise,  where crystal clear seas and sandy beaches stretch for miles.  It can be overpowering in it's magnificence,  together with the remains of Medieval sites like the Standing Stones of Callanish give you a far clearer idea about our origins and roots.

You can often surprise yourself looking to discover new venues on your own doorstep such as I have in recent years,  one such venue is an Industrial Heritage site called Lumsdale,  you could be forgiven for thinking this is up in Yorkshire but no only an hours drive from Nottingham to just outside Matlock where the remains of waterwheels and Mill building survive at the side of Bentley Brook.  Worth a visit.  Matlock Green has an excellent Chippie close to the lower end of Lumsdale.


Must not forget my old stomping ground Sherwood Forest,  I have now walked every single path, roadway and track within the Nature Reserve,  and know instantly in which direction to go for my desired days shoot,  however please be wary of the Parkies they are not always friendly, to say the very least one of them drove the Councils 4x4 at me while I was walking on a private roadway within the Nature reserve.  The Forest at 440 acres is large but not huge and is easily walked from one end to the other with little or no difficulty as the ground is moderate to flat and all paths and tracks are good,  the same cannot be said for the trees and a lot are suffering from neglect and good forestry,  but that is not my province.

The camera pictured top left is a NIKON D810 my main workhorse apart from a Lumix Panasonic TZ60 which can come in very handy and when left in my hands you can be hard pressed to tell exactly what camera was used for any particular shot,  but as always it is limited and if you want a Professional camera then full Frame is really the answer.  Of course I should not forget the Nikon D800 which was converted from new for me to FULL SPECTRUM photography,  with Spectrosil 2000 ultra clear glass,  works a treat.




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